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Oral sex phone fantasies

All of these girls will chat about oral sex...

Pick one of the girls below to chat about oral sex.

All of them like to suck cock or have their pussies licked.

Read their details for a better idea of what they like to do.

  • Aisha

    As I'm saving my virginity, I've had plenty of practice doing other things, including oral sex.

    I love to start slow, gently kissing the tip, then I start to lick it like a lollipop. When you start to move your hips, I'll slide you into my mouth and gently suck the tip of your cock.

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Aisha

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  • Holly

    I've always had an oral fixation!
    Lollies as a kid, cigarettes in my teens, and then cocks.
    I get a real kick out of teasing and pleasing guys with my hot wet mouth and soft tongue.

    I'm a modern girl - to get inspiration for some of my stories, I watch a bit of porn. This of course has shown me some of the things you dirty little perverts like.
    So, of course, I've had to practice them. I don't just swallow your load, I'll open wide and show you my sweet little mouth full of your hot spunk.
    When I saw girls getting a cum facial, I didn't understand what was so hot about it. After trying it, I must admit, it is a little kinky - a dominant guy making me wear his load is a bit of a turn on.

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Holly

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  • Justine

    You can lick my pussy - IF you beg.

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Justine

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  • Keira

    I just love oral sex!

    I enjoy the taste of a man's cock, and if you're good, I'll even swallow your load.

    Having my pussy licked is one of the quickest ways of making me cum, and I cum hard. If you want to please me, lay me back and gently kiss and lick my clit.

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Keira

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  • Lauren and Poppy

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that we both like oral sex, being lesbians and all.

    Lauren: I'm an impatient gal, and I like the noises Poppy makes when she cums. So I tend to skip a lot of the foreplay and teasing, and go straight for her clit.

    As soon as I'm down there, I start flicking my tongue over her, side to side, up and down, then round and around her clit.
    She'll tell you she wishes I'd tease - but she moans and squirms and gets so wet, she loves it.

    Sometimes she tries to squirm away from my tongue, panting that it's too much.
    I just grab her wrists or hips and pull her back towards my tongue, and then really go to town - lapping away and slipping my tongue up into her pussy until she cums.

    Want to hear the noises she makes as I eat her pussy?

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Lauren and Poppy

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  • Lynsey

    I love having my pussy licked, and my clit gently nibbled on. But don't start there straight away, tease me a little first. Start by kissing your way up my long legs, then nibbling my thigh and licking your way up, closer and closer...

    In return, I'll suck your cock till you shoot all over my face and tits. I can do it fast and hard, making your cock swell and your balls ache, or I can tease and nibble and lick till you can't bear it.

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Lynsey

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