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Foot, feet and toe telephone fantasies

All of these girls like to use their feet, or play with yours...

Select one of our girls to talk about your favourite bit of foot fun.

Some love their feet being worshiped, some will tease you with their toes, and a few are more than happy to treat your feet to the feel of their fingers and tongues.

  • Justine

    Show me how much you worship me - kiss my black leather boots. Now lick them!

    If you please me, I'll even let you lick my feet and such on my sweet little toes ... now what can you do to please me?

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Justine

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  • Keira

    I've got dainty little feet and delicate toes.
    As I spend all day on my feet, I take good care of my feet.I spend a lot of time moisturising them and keeping them smooth and soft.

    I'm a flexible and talented girl - how many girls do you know that can give you a foot job and a blow job at the same time?

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    and ask for Keira

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  • Lauren and Poppy

    Poppy: We're both on our feet a fair bit; stacking shelves, serving customers. I tell you, it can be hell on our little feet.

    As a special treat, if Lauren's been nice to me - I'll give her a foot massage.
    We've got this peppermint infused oil that smells and tastes lovely. So I poor a little onto my hands, then start gently smearing it over her sweet little feet.

    I work my hands over the top of her foot, then slide my hands down and work the sides, applying a little more pressure as I push inwards. Then I use the tips of my fingers to apply pressure to the sole of her foot. When I start working the arch, Lauren will give a little moan and press her thighs together.

    I then move to the other foot and do the same, gently but firmly working the oil into that foot. Then I start on her tiny little toes. I work the oil in from the ball to the tip, and then back again - it's like giving an oily massage to ten little cocks.

    Once I've oiled up both feet and toes, I hold a foot in each hand - fingers over the top, thumbs underneath. Then I start pushing the tips of my thumbs along the arches of her feet. Because of the oil, my thumbs just slide along her soft skin while she starts to rock her hips.

    If she's been a good girl, I'll even suck her toes - gently kissing the tip of each toe before I slide it into my mouth, pushing my tongue against the bottom of each toe as I give it a little suck.

    By then, she's so wet she'll do anything I ask,
    but what should I get her to do?

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Lauren and Poppy

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