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Breasts and nipple phone fantasies

All of these girls will talk about their tits... or your nipples...

All of the women below want to use their tits to please you.
Small or large, soft and firm, tiny nipples or huge ones - we've got them all.

Some of them want to play with your nipples - or punish you with them!

  • Aisha

    My tits aren't exactly huge, but they are sensitive.

    I enjoy having my nipples stroked and rubbed, and I get really wet when they are sucked on.

    I've found that guys like rubbing their cocks against my tits, feeling my hard nipples pressing against their swollen end. Want to know how it feels?

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    and ask for Aisha

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  • Holly

    While doing research watching porn videos, I couldn't help but notice that guys love tits.
    That wasn't a surprise - I'm tiny but my chest isn't. I've always had attention from guys, and all of them stare at my breasts.

    I just didn't realise how many men like to shoot their load over a girls tits! Tons of the videos had that as a finish (almost as many as facials).
    Being the naughty girl I am, I immediately tried it out.

    I like being on my knees whilst my man sits back and enjoys watching my mouth slide up and down his hard cock.
    Then, once his cocks nice and wet, I slide my body up and slip the cock into my cleavage. I push my warm, firm tits together and gently squeeze the cock between them.

    Sometimes I use massage oil, or if I'm planning for some anal fun, I'll have lube handy.
    I lean back and massage the lube all over my chest. I stroke my tits and tease my nipples.
    I then reach over and pull my tits together with one hand, and hold the cock in my other hand. Slowly, I slid the tip of the cock into my cleavage, gently fucking the swollen end with my tits.
    Each bounce, I take a little more, until the whole length of your hard, slippery cock is sliding between my tits. You can see the tip popping up over my tits as you thrust, then disappear between my warm, glistening boobs.

    You can tell me where you want to cum.
    Will you empty your load over my chest and neck, or do you want me to stroke your cock until you cum all over my tits?

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Holly

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  • Lauren and Poppy

    Lauren: I've been a lesbian for a little while. Though I haven't been with tons of other gals, I've been with enough to know that most women aren't as sensitive as Poppy is.

    The gentlest touch on one of her firm little breasts, and her nipples go really hard - and I know exactly how wet she gets. It's like an instant trigger!

    I love to wind her up at work. While stacking shelves or serving customers, I try to make sure I brush my arm against one of her tits.
    As soon as she can, she'll tell me to stop teasing - but I play innocent and deny knowing I did it.

    By the time we've finished work, she's overheating.
    She'll have spent at least an hour with tingling nipples and getting herself all worked up.

    We get home, and she throws her self at me. Tearing off her top, slipping her bra up and shoving her firm tits in my face.
    What's a girl to do? I'll pick one of her tits, and start licking and sucking the rock hard nipple as she writhes and rubs herself against me.

    Poor Poppy, her breasts are so sensitive, that within minutes I can slip a couple of fingers into her, just by teasing her tits!

    Got any tips for how I can drive her mad playing with her tits?

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Lauren and Poppy

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  • Lynsey

    I've got great tits, and I know how to use them.

    I'll dangle them in front of you, brushing my nipples against your lips, and then moving just out of reach.
    I'll rub them against your cock whilst I blow you, and then slide it between my tits.

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Lynsey

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  • Tanya

    I've got what I have been told is "a nice rack".
    My tit's have stayed plump and smooth, and are always warm to the touch.

    I used to be quite shy, but over the years I've noticed that men can't seem to help by stare at my cleavage. I became bolder, and started wearing low-cut tops that show of my breasts.
    Some of them are more than a little low, showing the tops of my black lace bra - when I wear one.

    I have practiced posing, so I can push my chest out a little more than normal. I have also learned to use my arms so I can squeeze my breasts together.
    It is great fun watching a guys face when I lean on a counter and turn my elbows in a little, pushing my tits together and forward a little.

    Do you want to hear how I teased the young man at the local supermarket, and watched how his crotch shifted? Or how about my youngest's school teacher all but drooling as I leaned over the desk looking at my son's report?

    Call 01691 679 009
    and ask for Tanya

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