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Lauren & Poppy

  • Name: Lauren and Poppy
  • Age: 20
  • Occupation: Shop Assistants (P/T)
  • Hair: Long and straight blonde hair
  • Eyes: Light blue
  • Skin: Caucasian - Light tan
  • Height: Short
  • Build: Slim
  • Chest: Small
  • In to: Oral Feet Breasts
  • Being lesbians, we sometimes get a feeling in our nipples or pussy when we take the cash for a top shelf magazine, particularly when the magazine seems to specialise in pictures of genuine lesbian couples.

    We are two very naughty girls who like to play with each other. We don’t mind if you join in, as long as you don’t mind sharing.

    Wanna play with us?
    call 01691 679 009 and ask for Lauren and Poppy

  • Oral

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that we both like oral sex, being lesbians and all.

    Lauren: I'm an impatient gal, and I like the noises Poppy makes when she cums. So I tend to skip a lot of the foreplay and teasing, and go straight for her clit.

    As soon as I'm down there, I start flicking my tongue over her, side to side, up and down, then round and around her clit.
    She'll tell you she wishes I'd tease - but she moans and squirms and gets so wet, she loves it.

    Sometimes she tries to squirm away from my tongue, panting that it's too much.
    I just grab her wrists or hips and pull her back towards my tongue, and then really go to town - lapping away and slipping my tongue up into her pussy until she cums.

    Want to hear the noises she makes as I eat her pussy?

  • Feet

    Poppy: We're both on our feet a fair bit; stacking shelves, serving customers. I tell you, it can be hell on our little feet.

    As a special treat, if Lauren's been nice to me - I'll give her a foot massage.
    We've got this peppermint infused oil that smells and tastes lovely. So I poor a little onto my hands, then start gently smearing it over her sweet little feet.

    I work my hands over the top of her foot, then slide my hands down and work the sides, applying a little more pressure as I push inwards. Then I use the tips of my fingers to apply pressure to the sole of her foot. When I start working the arch, Lauren will give a little moan and press her thighs together.

    I then move to the other foot and do the same, gently but firmly working the oil into that foot. Then I start on her tiny little toes. I work the oil in from the ball to the tip, and then back again - it's like giving an oily massage to ten little cocks.

    Once I've oiled up both feet and toes, I hold a foot in each hand - fingers over the top, thumbs underneath. Then I start pushing the tips of my thumbs along the arches of her feet. Because of the oil, my thumbs just slide along her soft skin while she starts to rock her hips.

    If she's been a good girl, I'll even suck her toes - gently kissing the tip of each toe before I slide it into my mouth, pushing my tongue against the bottom of each toe as I give it a little suck.

    By then, she's so wet she'll do anything I ask,
    but what should I get her to do?

  • Breasts

    Lauren: I've been a lesbian couple for a little while. Though I haven't been with tons of other gals, I've been with enough to know that most women aren't as sensitive as Poppy is.

    The gentlest touch on one of her firm little breasts, and her nipples go really hard - and I know exactly how wet she gets. It's like an instant trigger!

    I love to wind her up at work. While stacking shelves or serving customers, I try to make sure I brush my arm against one of her tits.
    As soon as she can, she'll tell me to stop teasing - but I play innocent and deny knowing I did it.

    By the time we've finished work, she's overheating.
    She'll have spent at least an hour with tingling nipples and getting herself all worked up.

    We get home, and she throws her self at me. Tearing off her top, slipping her bra up and shoving her firm tits in my face.
    What's a girl to do? I'll pick one of her tits, and start licking and sucking the rock hard nipple as she writhes and rubs herself against me.

    Poor Poppy, her breasts are so sensitive, that within minutes I can slip a couple of fingers into her, just by teasing her tits!

    Got any tips for how I can drive her mad playing with her tits?

  • Wanna play with us?
    call 01691 679 009 and ask for Lauren and Poppy

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