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  • Name: Justine
  • Age: 37
  • Occupation: Police officer
  • Hair: Long and straight brown hair
  • Eyes: Light brown
  • Skin: Caucasian - Light tan
  • Height: Tall
  • Build: Slim
  • Chest: Average
  • In to: Oral Feet Humiliation Domination
  • I am a strict stern mistress, in fact I’m a complete Bitch and I love giving total domination,
    any attempt to resist me is pathetic.

    My way IS the only way and I am always looking for fresh meat to play with.
    I might make you crawl on all fours before me or I might spank you with my paddle. Any failure to please me WILL result in cruel discipline. If you’re a sissy slave, you have permission to amuse me.

    call 01691 679 009 and ask for Justine

  • Oral

    You can lick my pussy - IF you beg.

  • Feet

    Show me how much you worship me - kiss my black leather boots. Now lick them!

    If you please me, I'll even let you lick my feet and such on my sweet little toes ... now what can you do to please me?

  • Humiliation

    Tiny cocks make me angry, and I Spank when I'm angry!
    So, do you have a tiny cock?

    Be warned - if you are truly pathetic, I'll dress you up like a slutty little dolly, and take pictures of you as I stroke you little penis ... just don't cum over my dress-up clothes, or you'll be punished!

  • Domination

    This is what gets me off. I won't just take control, I'll force you to fuck me.
    I'll tie you up, tie you down or jsut handcuff you to something. Once I know you're secure, I'll tease you, slap you and work you up to a frenzy.
    But you won't cum!
    I will not let you cum!

    I get to cum. I can get off spanking and slapping you, making you beg, making you bark like a dog or sing like a girl as I squeeze your nuts in one of my gloved hands.

    When I decide, I'll straddle your pathetic cock and slam my pussy down on it. I'll ride you hard and fast till I climax.

    Only once I've cum will I think about letting you - and you had better of been a good little bitch, or I'll just hang up!

  • call 01691 679 009 and ask for Justine

You are here: Our Girls » Justine