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Talk dirty with Holly

  • Name: Holly
  • Age: 22
  • Occupation: Writer (P/T)
  • Hair: Long and straight blonde hair
  • Eyes: Deep blue
  • Skin: Caucasian - Fair
  • Height: Tiny
  • Build: Skinny
  • Chest: Buxom
  • In to: Oral Anal Breasts
  • You might be wondering what I write?
    Well, would you be surprised if I told you I write about my favourite fantasies?

    I’ve been doing this since I was 18, mostly just for myself or my boyfriend… Then I had a naughtier thought. Why not work for a sex line? The thought turned me on as it felt a bit naughty, secretly talking to guys and making them wank.
    However, the more I thought about it, the more it excited me.

    Want to hear one of my fantasies,
    call 01691 679 009 and ask for Holly

  • Oral

    I've always had an oral fixation!
    Lollies as a kid, cigarettes in my teens, and then cocks.
    I get a real kick out of teasing and pleasing guys with my hot wet mouth and soft tongue.

    I'm a modern girl - to get inspiration for some of my stories, I watch a bit of porn. This of course has shown me some of the things you dirty little perverts like.
    So, of course, I've had to practice them. I don't just swallow your load, I'll open wide and show you my sweet little mouth full of your hot spunk.
    When I saw girls getting a cum facial, I didn't understand what was so hot about it. After trying it, I must admit, it is a little kinky - a dominant guy making me wear his load is a bit of a turn on.

  • Anal

    Show me a modern girl that doesn't like a nice hard cock up her arse!

    My first arse fucking was at a little party a few years ago.
    It's something I'd often wondered about, but never had the never to mention to my boyfriend at the time.
    But there I was, a tipsy little blonde, and one of the guys that had been staring at my tits and arse all night cornered me as I cam out of the bathroom. Within minutes we were back in the bathroom, snogging, hands everywhere.
    Then he came round behind me, slipping my short skirt up and whispered that he was going to fuck my hot little arse!

    He told me to get on all fours, and I did.
    He told me to wiggle my arse, and I did.
    He told me to tell him if I licked what he was doing (sliding his tongue all over my tight little hole), and I did (I really did!).
    When he slipped a finger up my arse, I couldn't help but moan, and I automatically pushed my butt backwards, trying to take more of it.

    We found some lube in the bathroom cabinet (not a surprise, as my friend Janice is as dirty as I am), and I had my first arse fucking.
    It's completely different to normal sex - it was so intense, I didn't realise how wet I'd get, or how hard I would cum!

    Since then, I've had anal sex quite often. But only when the guys take charge.
    There's just something about having a man tell you to spread your cheeks that makes it so much more delicious!

  • Breasts

    While doing research watching porn videos, I couldn't help but notice that guys love tits.
    That wasn't a surprise - I'm tiny but my chest isn't. I've always had attention from guys, and all of them stare at my breasts.

    I just didn't realise how many men like to shoot their load over a girls tits! Tons of the videos had that as a finish (almost as many as facials).
    Being the naughty girl I am, I immediately tried it out.

    I like being on my knees whilst my man sits back and enjoys watching my mouth slide up and down his hard cock.
    Then, once his cocks nice and wet, I slide my body up and slip the cock into my cleavage. I push my warm, firm tits together and gently squeeze the cock between them.

    Sometimes I use massage oil, or if I'm planning for some anal fun, I'll have lube handy.
    I lean back and massage the lube all over my chest. I stroke my tits and tease my nipples.
    I then reach over and pull my tits together with one hand, and hold the cock in my other hand. Slowly, I slid the tip of the cock into my cleavage, gently fucking the swollen end with my tits.
    Each bounce, I take a little more, until the whole length of your hard, slippery cock is sliding between my tits. You can see the tip popping up over my tits as you thrust, then disappear between my warm, glistening boobs.

    You can tell me where you want to cum.
    Will you empty your load over my chest and neck, or do you want me to stroke your cock until you cum all over my tits?

  • Want to hear one of my fantasies,
    call 01691 679 009 and ask for Holly

You are here: Our Girls » Holly